About wazefaa
Job is the largest job search engine in the Arab countries and the Middle East. It helps job seekers by providing them with job opportunities by mail or in search pages. It also helps job sites to publish their jobs and put their links for easy access.

Job site collects and archives vacant jobs from the largest job sites in the Middle East and the Arab world and puts them for you on a simple search page without the need to move from one site to another, and through the advanced search options you can find the right jobs for you among tens of thousands of jobs added per month in various sites recruitment.

Job site offers job posting service to advertisers, and those wishing to publish their jobs can register for a new account from here, to reach millions of job seekers every month.

If you have a desire to have your site added for a job or send any complaints, suggestions or inquiries contact us.

Conditions for placing jobs on a job directly or adding sites to a job

We are in a job that is important to both the job seeker and the employer to have the optimum experience while using Tanqeeb’s free services. So you should make sure to read the terms carefully to make sure that your job is in compliance with the terms.

All jobs require the site manager's approval before publishing within one working day from the date of posting the job
Your advertisement must be for an actual job and not an advertisement for a product or any other service. The job must be in violation of Arab values ​​and in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia and the laws of the country in which it is located.

The employer should mention the name of the company and not vague names such as “a major company”, “a company working in the field of marketing”... Not mentioning the name of your company will make us doubt the credibility of the advertiser and therefore the job will be rejected.
It is preferable for companies to use the e-mail of the company's website such as "A.Ali@wazefaa.com" instead of the e-mail for free sites. Registering with the company's mail will make us trust the seriousness of your advertisement on Tanqeeb.com and give you priority in approval and appearance on the site.
If you have more than one job, do not include them in one advertisement and enter each job in its own advertisement.
The site has the right to delete the job at any time without referring to the publisher.
All data and information attached to the job is the responsibility of the original publisher/site, and the site is not responsible for the content of the job and the original publisher is asking about it.


General advice for job seekers

A job site is a job search engine and fetches jobs from most of the available sources on the internet or newspapers. We do our best to filter out bad jobs and we develop our site algorithms periodically to avoid passing such jobs. And because we cannot be completely sure of the quality of jobs from some sites or newspapers, we have classified jobs into three sections: free, recruitment companies, distinguished according to the reliability of the advertiser and the recruitment site, but in all cases, you must adhere to the following when applying for a job to avoid falling prey to a scam .

General warnings Do not pay any material amounts to any company under any name and report it immediately to be dealt with.
Make sure you know the nature of the work, the authentication of the company, the job description, and the skills it requires from the advertiser before going to the employer.
Report jobs in which the employer practices any discrimination based on race, religion, gender...etc.
Make sure that the number in the job is not a shortened number for a paid service, such as 0900 or 4154, and report the job that puts such numbers.

If the advertiser is a recruitment company or employment company

Check the employment company's license number before going to apply by phone or e-mail, and make sure that the company puts its name and license number in a clear place at the company's headquarters.
Verify the reputation of the recruiting company by searching the internet for an opinion of those previously submitted to the hiring company.

Job site is not responsible for the correctness of the data in jobs

To apply for a job, click on the "Add a job for free" button.

If you encounter any job that contains a violation or an unreal job or a fraud job, please inform us immediately from here